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We have vertical machines of 3 and 4 axes of Computer Numerical Control with carousel of 22 tools programmed under a friendly and very reliable CAD CAM system for our clientes ; Also machinery that helps us reach strict tolerances of .0001 of an inch .



  • ISO9001:2015 certification in all our processes
  • AS9100 REV D in all our processes
  • 5S methodology
  • Competitive price
  • Delivery time
  • Competitive quality



40902.86 total square feet

30677.14 square feet of offices

General Descripcion

of the Company

  • CBQTechnologies wasfounded on September of 2004


  • We are an internacionally recognized company dedicated to the hand ling of hich technology specialized in the manufacturing of precision components, fixtures and assembly.


  • Our commitment offers a turnkey solution where our customers can find the quality they requiere, the delivery times they need and the attention in the service they deserve


  • Customer service,quality of service, sense of urgengy and continuous improvement are the values that on a daily basis lead us to be a company withour borders, to have the recomendation of our clients, to solve their problems in an adequate and anticipated way and to implement the actions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes.


  • Our design team is prepared to receive the client’ s requierements, under a 2D and 3Dstructure, with specialized software that allows us to program in CAM, ensuring the manufacture of the parts with respect to the design requested by the client.


  • Our processes include the handling of materials such as 5000 Series, 6000 and 7000 Aluminium, 310,304,316,410 StainlessSteel, Special Polymers such as Peek 1000, Nylacero, Delrin, Standard Bronze and Graphite, Machinery grade steels 1045,4140 and 9840. All of them just to mention some. Our experience is unique specialized parts and medium volume.


The greatest asset we count on is our people; On a daily basis we interact with our work team fostering fellowship, respect and trust The personal growth of each member of this team helps us achieve our team goals. 50 ears of team experiences.


The importance of training is vital part of our development as a company. We have training and induction courses that .sure our employees have the experience and knowledge to develop their experiences and knowledge to develop their skills within the position and assiegned area, making the company grow.

Our Solution

This technology ensures quality, precision and repeatability, reducing costs and increasing production of our customers. Likewise, we have available CNC lathes with live tooling. We have the best location on the border between Mexico and the USA that allows us to be at the forefront of the logistics and delivery times our customers need. We offervarious land and air distribution channels source customers receive thier products just in time

Current Service

CBQ Technologies S.Ade C.V. is a company dedicated to the following services:

  • Specialize general machining
  • Manufacture of specialize parts
  • Precision grounding
  • General lathing
  • Electrode welding TIG andMIC
  • Thermal treatments
  • Assembly
  • Rework according to customer requirements
  • Mechanical fixtures
  • 3D Modeling/Drawing creation
  • Chemical treatments or process


We are determined to be a source of development to our customers, employees, associates and community in general. We have very strict quality policies and a high commitment to serve our clients

Surface treatments to ferrous and non-ferrous

metals for the aeronautical sector

anodize per mil-a-8625 ty, i, cl1, nickel acetate seal. anodize per mil-a-8625 ty, ii, cl1, nickel acetate seal. anodize type iii, class 2, 3. 25um min, mil-a-8625 color: natural, red and black.

Thickness for all parts is verified with positector

to guarantee customer requirements

Our processes can be certified by salt chamber with external supplier

We have procedures

and / or work instructions for each process


ISO 9001:2015

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OIN: 6151402768

Purchansing Conditions

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Warranty Policy

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We work under international regulations such as: ASME Y14.5-2009/ ASME Y 14.36M-1995, ASME Y14.36M-2018/ ASME Y14.5-2009, ASME Y14.5-2018, ASME Y14.36M-2018, ASME Y14.5-2009 and ASME Y14.5-1994

Production and Sales



CBQ Technologies is a leading company with global reach in the elaboration of metalworking products and qualified industrial services, that has the knowledge, experience and commitment to understand and satisfy the needs of our clients and other interested parties through the continuous improvement of the system quality management.


At CBQ Technologies we create and develop industrial solutions with high quality standards that drive growth and development.

  • Designing machines and efficient equipment of easy application and use.
  • Respecting the time of our customers through On -Time deliveries .
  • TOTALCONFIDENTIALITY on the information provided on their design process.
  • Fair Prices.
  • Mechanical Design (custom-designed-machinery services)
  • CostumersService.

Customer Policies

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Supplier Policies

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Our Clients