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cheap louis vuitton outlet company 's future power business territory full of expectations. , Chanel again through the purchase of Groupe Holesco minority stake in its investment in Sophie Hallette - a Gucci, Valentino, Alexander McQueen and other brands to provide services to the French lace manufacturer. In a statement, Chanel said: 'This cooperation is aimed at The continuation of the long history of lace industry, the protection of France 's unique production process of ancient lace Levis Lace (Leavers Lace). These 200-year-old machine production of high quality Lace, is one of the key raw materials of High fashion. 'Then, Sophie Hallette has quickly acquired the same Levisi Lace production process of Codentel.' Every time we do things in Chanel are focused on the future, not just today.Today is too late.We want to focus on the next 20 years.So we want to 'now' create can be extended to the next Twenty years 'of good conditions, and this is how we write about the value of our future,' Pavlovsky said. Search replication louis vuitton bags outlet

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louis vuitton outlet store very necessary for their financial and management support, they are more hope that these Therefore, each workshop in addition to providing product support for the Chanel, the need to develop other customers. Therefore, Dior and other brands of high ( 'workshops'), to the modern mode of production, self-reliance, to establish their own independent business. -level customization has many parts were born here, even more unexpected is that, including Lacoste, Levi 's and other popular fashion brands, and even Chinese fashion brand' Exception de Mixmind 'are their customers. R D department in the workshop Will not only provide reference to Karl Lagerfeld, each quarter, through research, they will also show different brands Balmain design. 'These workshops are to reinvigorate the idea of ​​each have their own special skills, they are the development of the Chanel brand To make a contribution, but we hope not only for Chanel, but to all fashion brands provide these special We think they can work with more louis vuitton purses outlet

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louis vuitton handbags outlet Chanel intertwined with the elegance of women 's fashion dream, whether it is the brand to create a classic fashion style, or brand behind the legendary story, one of the biggest main reason is Ms. Coco Chanel fascinating personal characteristics, she leads the fashion , Has a gorgeous feminism Righteousness, full of tenacity of fighting, and her love of investment, have become the most refined and most influential of an elitism, which influence and even affect the world of women 's clothing, ideas and behavior. Chanel Paris headquarters, is the former residence of Ms. Coco Chanel, died before 87 years of age has been living there. Inside every corner, every little thing, are then Ms. Coco Chanel, Paris, 31 Rue Cambon, this apartment is not only Layout and details, have become the future Chanel brand design elements of inspiration important source. Because not open, only through the invitation to visit, this time together to follow the The Coveteur website into this mysterious apartment now! louis vuitton factory outlet